Automation made easy

An intuitive, self-managed automation platform.

Robust cloud-based platform

  • AI powered process automation
  • Pre-loaded library of reports and training procedures ready to use
  • Report and training activity data organized, stored, and enhanced

Mobile and desktop applications

  • Guides users through reporting and training step by step
  • Hands free and on-the-job delivery
  • Connect to company experts via email, text, video or audio


What Our Platform Offers

Automation Creator

Create reporting and training automations from existing reports, procedures, and training content.

Reporting and Data Manager

Manage and monitor all reporting and data activity.

Analytic Tool Set

Discover operational insights and analyze trends.

Hands-Free Capable

AI driven voice interface enables full usage with voice only

Photos and Videos

Include videos, graphics, and photos with any training procedure. Reports can include photographic documentation.

Data Export

Use existing data export text.

Controlled Access

Control access via SSO, user groups and user roles.

Any Cloud Compatible

Your data is stored on any cloud environment from AWS to Azure to Google.


Full API set available.

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