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What People Are Saying

DaVinix customized a pricing plan that fit my business needs, and the implementation was a breeze.

We have fully integrated our quality assurance processes with DaVinix. It would be disruptive to our business to be without DaVinix.

The DaVinix mobile app is so easy to use, it’s actually helped to speed up our inspection process while also improving overall quality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide more clarity around your pricing?

Here’s the important things to know: No up-front integration or implementation fees. Pricing shown is per user per month, paid annually or monthly. There’s no limits on individual usage – the amount of time it’s used or the number of different processes. Renewals are automatic at the end of the annual term for another year

If you have other questions, please email us at and we’ll be happy to answer specific questions.

How is my process or training content and data secured and who can access it?

Any content that you upload to or create on the DaVinix platform belongs to you, your company, and will not be shared with or accessed by other DaVinix customers. Your company-assigned admin controls which employees can access the content.

DaVinix is a cloud-based platform. AWS is our cloud service provider. Their standard security and back-up technologies and protocols cover our platform and your use of it.

Can we control which processes or automated reports each user/employee can access?

Yes. When a user or employee is added, the company-assigned admin sets the appropriate role for each person and then controls what they can see and do within the mobile or desktop app as well as within your account.

At any time, admins can delete a user, or set a user to inactive, so that if an employee leaves your company or moves to another function, they can’t access the information.

How do I add content I want to use to the DaVinix platform?

Create an account by clicking “Start Free” from the top menu. Go to the Process Library and select “Let us do it for you.” There you can upload a document that has your process or training lesson to be transformed onto the DaVinix platform. It will be ready for you within 1 or 2 days. It’s that simple.

From there, you can add users, assign them to your process/training, and also make edits. Your users will simply download the app and will see the content you’ve assigned to them in their Library. They can start running them right away.

You can also use our simple editing tool to create process and training content on your own. If you want to create your own, go to the Library ad select “Do it yourself.”

All content can be edited and enhanced any time.

What do I need to do to get started?

Create an account by clicking “Start Free” from the top menu. It only requires your name, company, phone number and email. You don’t even need a credit card.

You can upload a process or training content. In 1-2 days, it will be transformed into interactive steps which your employees can start using on their mobile device (once they’ve been added to your account, and you assign them to that content).

If I want to use DaVinix for all my employees, do I create an account for each one, or can we share accounts?

You’ll setup each of your employees as individual users within your account. They’ll each have their own login ID and password. That way you’ll be able to track the work they do and their progress on processes and training all within your account.

For licenses, our plans generally require that you purchase a license for each user. However, we do have seat pricing available for companies that have high employee turnover, so you don’t have to spend money on individual licenses that are only used for a short period. You can call or email us for more information.

What are the different ways that my employees can access the DaVinix checklists or procedures?

DaVinix is available on virtually any phone or tablet running iOS or Android. For employees who are working on their desktop, DaVinix has a desktop app that enables your automated processes/training to run in a separate browser window.

If my employees are using the app from their personal phone, how do I ensure that they aren’t accessing processes or training that they shouldn’t be? What if they quit and move to another company?

For an employee to access your process and training content, you must first add them to your account. At that time, you set their role which defines what content and information they can access. You can also designate which specific process and training content they are assigned to. Your company-assigned admin can remove a user from any content at any time.

If an employee leaves your company with the app still on their phone, your admin can simply disable or delete their account to remove all access.

I’m a consultant, can I use this platform for my clients?

Absolutely. It’s a great way to implement your work and maintain an on-going relationship with your clients.

You can add clients and set each one up as a group within your account. You can then add individual users to those groups and assign processes and training content to them. You’ll pay for the licenses and then you can bill them through to your clients any way you’d like.

Your clients will see the name of your business when they login within the DaVinix branding on the rest of the app.

For reporting, what kinds of data and analyses are available?

You (or the employees you designate to be a data viewer) will have immediate access to each report generated when one of your users runs a process or lesson. This information includes when it was run, for how long, any exceptions, and whether it was completed, including all the responses and data inputs by the user. There are ‘warning’ and ‘error’ flags on reports that point to potential issues.

There’s also a dashboard which tracks usage frequency and other information for processes/training content and users. Some of that analysis includes average time to complete reports, fastest and shortest times, and completion metrics.

Finally, for Pro and Enterprise subscriptions bulk data, including process meta-data is available to download for more detailed analysis for process engineering, or patterns in, say, equipment type frequency.

Are integrations available? How about SSO (single sign-on) capability?

Yes, integrations and APIs as well as SSO are all available with the Enterprise account plan.

Does my staff need to be trained?

The app is so intuitive that there’s little or no training required, so you can be up and running very quickly. Your people will enjoy how simple it is. We’re happy to help get your people get started and answer any questions.