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    • Standard

      Small Businesses

    • FREE
    • For trying out DaVinix
      • Max of 8 total users
      • Unlimited processes and training
      • Unlimited photo verification and videos
      • 30-day record retention

    • Plus

      Small and Medium Businesses

    • $5 USD/mo*
      * Per user, per month, when paying annually

      $8 USD per active user when paying month to month
    • All the bennies of Standard, plus:
      • Unlimited users
      • 180-day report/data retention
    • 30 day free trial

    • Pro

      Medium and Large Businesses

    • $15 USD/mo*
      * Per user, per month, when paying annually

      $25 USD per active user when paying month to month
    • All the value of Plus, plus:
      • 1 year report/data retention
      • Custom report design
      • Data export

    • Enterprise

      Large Enterprises

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    • All the power of Pro, plus:
      • Seat Licensed based pricing
      • Dedicated Support
      • Customized API integrations
      • SSO
      • AWS/Azure connections
      • Customized training

Interested in Partnering?

If you have the information or content for specific repairs or training manuals or you provide training, embed DaVinix into your products to enable your customers or students to use your information in new and exciting channels. Reach out to DaVinix for more ideas on how we can help you at

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide more clarity around your pricing?

Pricing is based on each user regardless of how many reports or training procedures they use on a monthly basis for a year commitment. All the features are included with the free model but if you want longer data retention up to 6 months, the pricing is $5/month or $60 annually.  For 1 year of data retention along with SSO security, API integration and customizable reporting, the pricing is $15/month or $180 annually.  There are NO integration fees, training fees, or any other fee beyond this.

How is my data secured and who can access it?

The reports and/or training procedures that you upload are yours and only yours. DaVinix transforms them into automated voice or desktop procedures that you then control who sees and uses them. Your company-assigned admin controls which empoyees can access which reports or training automations. At any time, they can delete a user.  This is much like Salesforce where you input your data and allow employees to see and access it based on their “role,” but it is your data and only those whom you allow can use or view the data. DaVinix is a cloud-based platform and we work with all cloud software companies including AWS, Azure, and Google.

Can we control which training procedures or automated reports each user/employee can access?

Yes.  When a user or employee is added, the company-assigned admin sets the appropriate role for each person and then controls what they can see and do within the mobile or desktop app as well as within your account.

How do I submit a repair process that I want to use with DaVinix?

Create your own login account and upload a pdf or doc of a repair or process that you want DaVinix to walk through. DaVinix’s platform will automaticly translate the steps into voice-enabled technology.  You add the users or employees you want to use that procedure and they simply download the app.

What do I need to do to get started?

Create an account which only requires your name, company and email. You don’t even need a credit card. Experience pre-loaded automated reports or training procedures. Then upload your desired report or training content. In 1-2 days, it will be automated and your employees can start using once they’ve been added to your account. 

If I want to use DaVinix for all my technicians, do I create an account for each or can we share one?

Each user will be assigned to your account but you are able to  track the work they do on an individual level.  Your automated reports or training can be accessed only by those in your account. 

What are the different ways that my employees can access the DaVinix checklists or procedures?

DaVinix is available on virtually any phone or tablet running iOS or Android. For employees who are working on their desktop, DaVinix has a desktop app that enables your automated training procedures to run in a separate browser window.

If my employees are using the app from their personal phone, how do I ensure that they aren’t accessing automations that they shouldn’t be or that they had access to but quit and moved to another company?

For an employee to access your automated reports or training procedures, you must add them to your account. At that time, you set their role which defines what they can access.  Your company-assigned admin can also remove a user from any automated report or training at any time.

If we want our employees to access our automated reports or training through our own company branding, is this possible?

The mobile app interface can be branded by your company with the company name and look and feel. API’s are available so the employees can access DaVinix directly through the company’s own interface.

Regarding reporting, what are the kinds of analyses available?

Management has the ability to track every automated report or procedure executed including when it was used, for how long, any exceptions when not completed to the standard required, lack of usage, etc. Additionally, documentation for each step when required is retained including user inputs to actual photos.

Do you have APIs that I can access?

Absolutely. We have a full suite of APIs that allow for embedded setup, management, and data export.

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